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Music is food for the soul

Whatever your age, playing the piano affects your entire person positively and enriches you in so many ways. Your memory is being trained and it increases your ability to concentrate. The younger you start playing, the greater the impact on your ability to multitask, succeed, even to the extent improving your health and wellbeing over the long-term.

I share my passion for music and the piano in particular with students of all ages, yet with a specialized approach to teaching children and young people. The results are spectacular and I am proud of all my students achievements.

I was fortunate to spend many years as a piano teacher at the International School as well as private piano teacher. This experience allowed me to perfect a unique teaching method that enables students to learn rapidly how to play the piano. Central to my teaching technique is infusing my students with self-confidence and constructive assessments and guidance to achieve great results.

Most of all, I manage to communicate my passion for music and piano playing to my students in order to empower them with a love for music that facilitates the learning process.

“Alex has taught my daughter for a couple of years now and taken her through 2 ABRSM exams. He asks a lot of his students but supports them well too. Her playing has improved a lot, especially her technique.”
Carolyn, January 2016

I give piano lessons to both beginners and advanced students in German, English and Hebrew. For children I recommend starting with piano lesson as early as five years old. Upon request, I prepare students for the international piano and theory examinations (ABRSM).

Through my classical background, I provide a profound piano technique. In addition to piano learning, basic principles such as theory, reading and writing notes, hearing, rhythm and harmonics are also essential elements of my piano lessons.
Of course, it is also particularly important for me to be able to respond to your personal musical interests and goals individually. In this way, you will learn how to play well known pieces according to your personal preference whether it’s Classical music, jazz, pop, musical or blues.

The piano lessons take place in Zurich affoltern
(Bachmannweg 31, 8046 Zürich).

“I’ve been taking private lessons with Alex since January 2017 and I’m still thrilled. He is very competent, extremely patient and even managed to inspire me with some classical music pieces. The lessons are very varied, so that reading notes, finger exercises and theory are not neglected. I can highly recommend Alex”.
Laura, November 2017
30 Min.
45 Min.
60 Min.
Trial Subscription
3 CHF 170 CHF 252 CHF 330
Quarterly Contract
(3 Months)
10 CHF 590 CHF 870 CHF 1155
Semester Contract (6 Months)
5% discount in comparison to Quarterly Contract
20 CHF 1100 CHF 1650 CHF 2205
10 Good reasons to play the piano
Stress Relief

Playing the piano improves your mental health. Piano players tend to experience less anxiety or depression. It improves self-esteem, makes you feel more positive, and can lower blood pressure. Piano playing is a common form of therapy used for ADD.

Split Concentration

Split concentration is an integral part of playing the piano, which helps sharpen your concentration skills. To play, you must use both hands, read music, listen to the notes, and work the pedals. You will find your multitasking skills greatly improved.

It’s easy to play!

Unlike other instruments, the piano is easy to play. There is no physical pain involved with learning to play the piano. To play the piano, all you have to do is sit, and press down a key.


Playing the piano changes the brain in a positive way! Music stimulates the brain in a way no other activity does, improving your memory, attention, speech, language, spatial and math skills, and even the ability to vocally convey emotions.

Improved Test Scores / School Performance

Grade school students who take piano lessons have better general and spatial cognitive development. Middle and high school students scored much higher on standardized tests. Playing the piano has been proven to help improve concentration, which helps in every area of life.

It’s good for your physical health

Regular piano playing offers different physical and physiological advantages to players. It sharpens fine motor skills, improves dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Music has also been shown to reduce heart and respiratory rates,, and increase immune response.

Improved Aural Awareness

Playing the piano improves your overall aural awareness. It trains you to recognize tones, intervals, chords and develop a sense of pitch. It also makes it easier to identify and understand sound patterns of foreign languages, can fight dyslexia, and helps hearing when there is a lot of background noise.

Human Growth Hormones (HgH)

Human growth hormone triggers growth in children and adolescents. It also helps to regulate body composition, body fluids, muscle and bone growth. Studies show that students who take piano lessons had increased levels of HgH in their system, helping keep energy levels up and prevent aches and pains in old age.

Constructive Criticism

Students of the piano get lots of positive feedback as well as constructive criticism from their teachers. Receiving criticism is never fun, but when offered gently and in small increments over time, it prepares the student to accept feedback in a positive way.

Live a More Beautiful Life

Music is incredibly powerful, and piano music, in particular, can bring out strong emotions in both the listener and player. The piano was designed to reflect human emotion and feeling, so it’s no wonder that people react strongly with joy, sorrow, and wonder.

With many years of teaching experience at the International School of Zug and Lucerne, at the Sprungbrett Montessori School and as a private piano teacher in Zurich.

As professional pianist I regularly perform in different musical formations. In 2009, I founded the “Tzabar” choir for adults in Zurich for which I conduct and create musical arrangements.

Since for 2017, I also conduct the children’s choir of the Sprungbrett Montessori school.

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